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The increasing swelling caused by an accumulation of the lymph tissue in the called lymphoedema. There are two types of lymphedema, depending on whether you’re born with it or it caused later, primary and secondary lymphedema

Primary lymphoedema

Primary lymphedema is lymphedema, which is caused by a birth from impaired lymphatic system. Lymphedema do not necessarily develop immediately when you are born and may be gradually caused a continuous överbalastning of the lymphatic vessels that still works. The primary lymphoedema with onset between 1-35 year term doctors early lymphedema . Utväcklas after 35 years of age is called the late lymphedema . Primary lymphedema can be genetically determined, or occasionally spontaneously for unknown reasons.

Secondary lymphoedema

Secondary lymphedema is lymphedema caused by damage in the lymphatic system. The most common orsakan damage to the treatment of tumors. Many cancer cells spread via the lymphatics to the lymph nodes, where they form metastases. If so, it is important that the surgical removal of tumors, but also the lymph nodes in the area, which then leads to an injury to the lymphatic system.Radiation therapy may in itself cause damage to the lymphatic vessels, but is nevertheless required to provide the optimum treatment of cancersjukdommen.When lymph nodes are removed, it means that the normal lymph flow impaired.An example is when the lymph nodes surgically removed in the axilla in breast cancer. If lymph nodes in the groin removed so impaired lymph flow to the leg and genitals.

The body may to some extent compensate for the damage. For example, the remaining lymph vessels form anastomoses (vascular connections) to other lymphatic vessels or veins. However, a certain degree of damage always remain as lymph nodes can not be formed.

Depending on how well these compensating mechanisms are developed and how heavily infested just the individual patient’s lymph system is, it can sometimes be the case that an edema never developed. But on the other hand, a lymphedema developed soon after an operation or still be latent for many, many years.

Other causes of the secondary crushing occurs, lymphoedema, sprains, inkektioner, bacteria or viruses.

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