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how to ask for collaboration on instagram examples

In the book world, I have yet to meet a bad deal. End on a note that offers further opportunity for collaboration. Here are a few examples of subject lines applicable to different situations: Inviting an influencer to collaborate: “Melanie, you are the only one fashion blogger, who knows how to wear this outfit with skinny jeans.” Asking an influencer to promote a giveaway: Hi Sarah, your 350K followers will be happy to get these products for free. Ask them specifically to share (and re-post) content with their followers. These are absolutely worth reading carefully and looking into, but often times companies send out a blanket email that may not necessarily have anything to do with you or your brand. Look at the example above. Updated June 26, 2020 Jaime Knoth / The Balance. 2. Explain the key benefit partnering with you provides them. If I’m travelling, I shoot as much as possible to build a photo library for when I’m back home in Toronto. Collaboration is when one Instagram user teams up with one or more Instagram users for promotion and increasing their audience/reach. I always include a few examples of previous brand work I’ve done to show the brand what type of content I create. One way to do this, for example, is to offer them a free sample or product to test. This is the formula that I normally follow : 1. Sample business email: How to introduce yourself to a prospective client for the first time. In the example below, I include the email sections I discussed up above. Read The Balance's editorial policies. How to ask to advertise on a website with a relevant audience. Download 11 partnership templates. (briefly describe your blog). Hi [name], My name is [your name] from [company]. Few brands will list their marketing rep’s name on their website, so you’ll need to do a little sleuthing. And, whenever your audience can see where you are, they are more likely to reach out and ask to connect. You Should Also Read: What to Charge for Collaborations as a Blogger The 3 Most Important Lessons for Women in Business I wouldn’t be here today without your … Nothing builds authenticity and a strong personal brand like having lunch with a group of fans! Book people are cool. But by following the tips above and equipping your team with the right tools, you’ll have a social media dream team that runs like a well oiled machine. The “ask” high up in the message. Again, you just want to remind them that you are following up with them as per A free handbag is nice and all that… but that ain’t going to pay the bills . Image via Instagram. As discussed above, it can be a good idea to lead your email with what your influencer could get in return for them giving you some exposure. That’s why it’s so important that your influencer media kit represents you and your brand. I am a book and travel blogger, which means my opportunities vary. Users were instructed to follow both brands on Instagram and … Specific examples of your own past performance. Ask Me Anything is a format popularized by Reddit, where famous celebrities and influencers answer submitted questions by Redditors. These are not collaborations! To promote its recent product collaboration with the stationery brand, Rifle Paper Co., L’Occitane ran a joint Instagram giveaway on its official Instagram account. Image Source Credits – Drea Chong, My Domaine. Follow Twitter. Have a question and want to be featured? Ask in the comments and I’ll give you a shout out next time! It could be paid or unpaid. You are most likely to come across them on Instagram. It may take some time to develop your processes and find your rhythm. When a brand reaches out about a possible collaboration, I always send them a few examples of my previous collaborations to give them some ideas on how I can support them. You can always mention in your email that if they want your mediakit, to just ask, and you’ll send it. Message the brand on Instagram and mention that you’d like to get in touch regarding a possible collaboration–the social contact is often on the PR team, but if not, they will definitely have the email address of the right person to get ahold of. For example, let’s say that you work in the music industry. Contact info. Here is an example of a paid partnership between an influencer and a beauty brand. Just customize it as per your needs. You will probably get spammed on Instagram from random online retailers asking you to join their affiliate program. Two accounts in the same niche helping each other out by giving mentions – this is how collaborations on Instagram … HOW TO RESPOND TO INSTAGRAM BRAND COLLABORATION EMAILS. Step 6: Send the brand examples of your content. I’ve been following your blog since 2013. Or maybe you’ll receive an email from a Chinese retailer asking you to collaborate. L’Occitane and Rifle Paper Co. Instagram Giveaway. Influencer collaborations for sponsored content have become quite popular among brands. Your recent post [post topic] really resonated with me. Optional: include previous brand collaborations that showcase your work and what you could potentially do for the brand. For instance, if a brand is asking about creating only content for Instagram… Send your favorite artist an email or letter and ask their advice about building up your channel and fan base. While Instagram might not be the right social platform for every brand, engagement with brands on Instagram is 84 times higher than Twitter and 10 times higher than its own parent company, Facebook. I pull my blog and social media stats from Google Analytics, Instagram, and Fohr. You can ask suppliers to add the sample cost to your official order. Not a free product sample, no gift card, and definitely no cash. Template 1: The free sample template. Ask Letter Sample Template Example 2 No Media kit: Hello (Company’s name or Direct PR agents name) My name is (Your name) and I am the owner of (your blog’s name and URL). You can get collaboration email example online to check out how it is written. I wasn’t really sure what was going to happen, but had a vague idea. The most input from your side in the collaboration mail should be your introduction with all contact details. Here, we will be focusing on some of the key parameters that shouldn’t be missed out in a collaboration email. I decided to switch my Instagram from a private account to a public account. Definition & Examples of Collaboration Skills. I should also mention from the start, too: I don’t love Instagram but I know its importance for my business, The Uncorked Librarian, LLC. I truly hope this little template/format will be super useful to all the new bloggers out there! We honed our skills, such as our decorating and photography, and we built relationships. Then email everyone else. If you are looking to use Instagram to reach out to social media influencers about partnership opportunities, there are two different approaches that you can take. Introduce your business and provide examples of your recent partnerships to show them your offer is credible. Instagram collaboration is how you turn your IG passion from a hobby into a job–even a career. We enjoyed the many intrinsic rewards up until then. In this case, keep things short and sweet. Use apps, not filters, to improve your photos. In total, the message should make you sound authentic, and someone worth talking to further. I am writing to see if you would like to work with me on (project you are proposing) on my site. I also spend about an hour each week gathering photos to repost. These types of emails can cover a wide variety of subjects, ranging from mentions, promoting events, product reviews, or just general collaborations. YouTubers are generally good people who just want to help, so don’t be afraid to have an open and honest conversation about how to improve your YouTube content. Reaching out to 10 influencers or less. While generating leads and driving traffic is difficult with its lack of links, Instagram is an amazing platform for displaying your company’s culture and brand. Social media collaboration allows your team to work more efficiently, get more done and avoid hiccups along the way. Edit template Reset Copy. Jodie and I put in thousands of unpaid hours before we began working with brands. More giveaways with ads, where brands work with advertizing agencies to create content and increase their reach on social media. The world of social media marketing and influencers are upon us, and I want to be one of the pioneers who genuinely want to share her knowledge in order to help others grow and be better. Here is a free sample showing how to seek collaboration from an organization. Living_Europe and Living_Destinations are both travel-based Instagram accounts, and they give each other shoutouts in the comment section through @mentions. Send a tweet or a direct message to the brand letting them know you’d like to collaborate and ask for the best contact name and email. Good Instagram Collaborations: Example Of Book Collabs That I Accept. Dear Sir, Your organization is a growing organization and works for human development, promotion of better opportunities, improving standards of living and provides assistance to social sector organizations/NGOs for smooth implementation of their projects. The best way I’ve found to do this is on Twitter and Instagram. For example, small brands on Instagram often create “prize bundles” between them. Alison Doyle. The benefit of doing this is that you will be able to save money should you decide to order from another supplier. I thought it was something my audience would appreciate, so I shared it with my social media and email subscribers. Collaboration Email Key Points: 1. Explain why that person caught your eye, that is relevant to the reason you want to connect ( I saw your articles around xyz topic… Your work with xyz person caught my eye… etc. ) The next round of emails to send out is to the list of people who showed interest from the Skyscraper Technique. By. More sponsored giveaways, where brands work with influencers to bring their products to a wider audience. Be sure to check out our article on 7 tips when requesting collaborations with YouTubers. In fact, 59% of micro-influencers have reported that Instagram is the most effective platform to engage their followers. I shoot and edit a bunch of photos all at once at least every 2 weeks. Aaron Agius gave a great example of one such Instagram influencer outreach templates. For example, I know I’ll need promotional product and lifestyle photos about a month before a new collection launch. I have (write a personal experience with the brand and why you want to work with them). 24/07/2016 blog tips, blogging & career , blogging tips, featured, how to ask for payment in brand collaborations, how to be paid for your blog content., how to earn money from your blog. xx Britt Follow Me – Blog Instagram Periscope Snapchat @notanothrblonde . How To Ask Brands To Pay You For Collaborations. 5. You mean to tell me that this Fortune 500 company want me to go out and buy, write about, photograph, and sell my readers their product for free? Whether we intend to or not, bloggers post about brands they love all the time. Ask them for an initial call, framed in terms of seeing how your company can help them. 6. It’s when all your hard work can really pay off, literally. Below is an example from Aaron Agius of Louder Online. Of course, I said no to this so-called collaboration offer. 2. How to contact influencers on Instagram. Alison Doyle is the job search expert for The Balance Careers, and one of the industry's most highly-regarded job search and career experts. You’re mentioning everything that matters (name, stats, niche, examples of other collaborations) in the email, so there’s no read need for a mediakit that clutters up someones mailbox. You can also get into an agreement to share the cost with the supplier. Follow Linkedin. Beautiful photos are the key to success on Instagram. Full Bio. […]

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