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blackwork embroidery books

I have my floor light setup and a small table with essentials next to the chair. My favorite stitching spot is in my “comfy chair”, a large overstuffed chair overlooking my back garden. The chair can accommodate a stand my light or lights. My favorite stitching spot is my spot on the couch. My favorite place to stitch is in the sun on my front porch — even if I need a blanket, it’s a favorite place to be! It is my safe space! It was more about the people than the place though. My favorite place to stitch in the winter is in my living room with a wall of windows facing south. There was a problem loading your book clubs. I have two spots. I like to stitch in my recliner next to my good lamp in front of the tv. When my husband was alive I would take my stitching when we went camping. This is very beautiful! Thank you and Merry Christmas! It’s comfy and cosy and I get a lot of natural light. But my favorite stitching spot is the Isle of Erika Hotel near Oban, Scotland, in the week between Christmas and Hogmanay, in front of a roaring peat fire in the main hall. My favorite stitching spot would be on my sofa, very comfortable with good lightning and all my tools close to hand. My favorite spot to embroider has been at the deer lease or deer camp. etc. My favorite stitching spot is one end of our big leather couch in the evenings after my children have gone to bed. I have my light and magnifying stands set up there, also a table I can stack to several levels – rather Heath Robinsonish but it works for me. It has windows on two sides and the natural light is absolutely wonderful. Comfy chair, stitching cart, good lighting! This is my favorite spot to stitch. You have certainly earned some time off this year! This spot is definitely short on surface space for tools, etc., but for the most part it works pretty well and keeps me near my husband of 54½ years in the evenings … and sometimes other parts of the day too! This spot lacks an ideal chair, the light is good and the companionship is ideal for both of us. There is lots of natural light and a task light near by. I don’t have a favorite. The Embroiderer's Flowers. It’s currently not in use because the Christmas tree evicted me. Very happy with the product and the correspondence, Reviewed in the United States on April 24, 2014. Explanations of blackwork materials, stitches, and techniques are accompanied by patterns and instructions for creating numerous designs for pillows, samplers, table linen, and other articles, Blackwork Made Easy: Techniques, Patterns and Samplers by Lesley Wilkins (2012) Paperback, Blackwork (Essential Stitch Guides) by Becky Hogg (2011-01-11), Blackwork Embroidery: Stitches, techniques and 13 modern projects, New Anchor Book of Blackwork Embroidery Stitches, Blackwork Embroidery (Dover Embroidery, Needlepoint), Stitchcraft: An Embroidery Book of Simple Stitches and Peculiar Patterns, Thread Folk: A Modern Makers Book of Embroidery Projects and Artist Collaborations. It’s not released in the US yet, but it’s just been released in the UK. I have a comfy, warm corner in my bedroom where I love to stitch – nice natural light, and room for my supplies, coffee and cat. I have a little corner of my couch that’s my favorite stitching spot – plenty of pillows, my light and a window for lots of natural light during the day! The light is bright and indirect, there’s a breeze and the peaceful sound of insects and birds. My favorite stitching spot was Sequoia Ranch RV Park. It’s large window (plenty of light) looks onto a courtyard garden. My favorite stitching spot? My house faces south, so the sun comes in all afternoon & the lighting is perfect for hours of stitching. I am happy when I spend time in there. My favorite stitching spot is my living room . Ultimate Cross Stitch Projects: Colorful and Inspiring Designs from Maria Diaz (Des... To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. With the window light behind me and my stitching lamp in front of me. I enjoy your emails and website and am currently using your Long and Short Stitch tutorials. My favorite stitching spot is the kitchen table. Obviously, not much dining is done there ! Thank you for another wonderful give-away! See search results for this author. I love to sit in my living room on the couch next to the window. Favorite spot is in bed beside my husband watching tv. Love It. Enjoy the holidays. In my recliner, under wonderfully bright spotlights, and in front of my TV which provides a great source of background entertainment while I stitch the night away. I look out a window into the garden. Spiral bound it will also stay open for reference while working. I have to fight my cat for my favourite sewing spot as it is also his favourite snoozing spot. We just moved into a new house, so I’m still working on setting up stitching spots with good light and comfortable seating. I usually sit in my chair to stitch. My favourtie place to stitch is in front of my large Livingroom window. It’s my favorite place to be. Comments left on any other post on Needle ‘n Thread or sent by email are not eligible. The matching ottoman sitting directly in front of the chair holds my bowl of tools and anything else I may need. My favorite spot to stitch is the kitchen table with my coffee mug near by and the radio on (currently listening to Christmas music). Books, patterns threads, yarns, needles and assorted kits. So peaceful, so quiet, why, I’m in the zone right now…. Many thanks to you Mary Corbet for spending your time “entertaining” us this holiday season. Lots of sunlight (in the afternoon), physical comfort for long periods and centered where my family loved ones are doing other things so we feel included. And one end of the room is a living area with recliners, a tv, and fireplace. My favourite stitching spot is close to the window of my sitting room – perfect light during the day and a warm cosy spot at night. It has a big window and a view all the way to the ocean. Comfortable and practical! . I love a cup of tea beside me or a glass of wine. All in all, I’m able to stitch in my sunroom at least 10 months out of 12. I’ll be taking a short hiatus for Christmas, so Monday will be the last shipping day for a short bit. I have a wonderful light for stitching that I received for Christmas last year. But always, my husband is in his favorite place on the couch. I’ll give you the details about the give-away – and a little information about the book, since I haven’t yet had a chance to review it thoroughly – and I’ll also announce the winner of Wednesday’s give-away below. I have a daylight lamp, an area for accessories, but things tend to stack up next to my chair. Grandma’s chair has been recovered, and is now wonderful to sit in. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. My favorite stitching spot is an old armchair I have tucked in a corner. Cheers Mary, and thank you. I love watching movies while I stitch, and when I finish the piece I can always relate it to the TV show or movies I watched while stitching. The light in the morning is lovely, clean, bright, and just right for a wing back chair and ottoman. It is the only chair I use. Looking at the photos of the stitching directions in Jen Goodwin’s new book on blackwork has inspired me. I have an open floor plan, and from this spot, I can see an awful lot of what is going on–and it’s in front of a big TV, near windows, near a fireplace when it gets cold, has good artificial lighting in the evening, and places for the kitties to snooze. I sit at this table because I have great lighting and a magnifier light installed on my desk. Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands more, ©2021 Needle 'n Thread. I would love to find a project (or several!) This book looks very interesting. I have my Lowry stand at the ready, two large tables to work on and my wide Phive light (thanks to Mary’s review). Step-by-step instructions and color charts for animals, flowers, landscapes, famous art, and more. Perhaps Santa will read this post and bring me one. But I am happy to stitch anywhere I can. Upstairs, in front of a bay of north facing windows. I’m planning to buy a house soon and when I do I will definitely be setting some space aside for a better stitching workspace! Fav stitching spot is on my couch with a back pillow or two, a cup of my favorite tea and a great period drama. to left and right. I have two: my sewing room with great light and plenty of supplies and my living room sofa in the midst of music or a fun movie. The TV is down there as well as is comfortable seating and good lighting— and a big sliding door so I can see outdoors ( in the daytime). This sounds like a very interesting prize to win. I stitch in a corner of my sunroom overlooking a small lake. Lynn. Product Details Blackwork embroidery was very popular in Tudor times, and it is now enjoying a tremendous revival. Most of the time one or more of my puppies are dosing on my lap. … In the summer I sit in the shade on our patio on a hill overlooking our 75 acre lake in northern Wisconsin. I have recovered and spiffed up the recliner chair my mom used to sit in… and it is in my sewing room now with a magnifier lamp along side. I do like people watching. That book looks incredible! My favourite stitching spot is in a chair in one corner of our living room. Particularly good when snowy because of all the reflected light. My stitching spot is in my office, surrounded by bulging bookcases, a window streaming sunlight and my two dogs who make sure I don’t sit too long. I was once asked to show someone my studio – well my chair in a corner with 2 Windows is “my studio”. My favorite escape is in my recliner….gotta be careful and not doze off with a needle in my hand…..ask me how I know!! I have my own rocking chair with a floor lamp that has a magnifying light attached. I’m posting this again as I obviously didn’t finish reading the directions. I’m able to look out the big front window. My favorite stitching spot is anywhere I am sitting next to my mother. She has a curious cat that adores our stitching get-togethers as much as we do. My favourite stitching spot: my comfy chair in the lounge with the dog asleep by my feet. I have a “spot” that is mine in the family room – next to the window for good light and all my tools handy on the table next to me and a basket of projects underneath in case I need a change of pace. C’est la vie! In the winter I especially enjoy stitching there when there is a fire in the wood fireplace, so cozy. Strangely, the best place to stitch in my house is on the bed in my bedroom! I have room for a floor lamp, a table lamp or a clip-on lamp depending on what I’m working on. There I have room to spread out my project, threads, and tools. Also because my favorite lamp with magnifier is by my bed. Cosy in winter and very cheery in spring and summer. My favorite stitching spot is in on a stool next to a table in what I use as my sewing room. It has everything I love in it. Goodbye 2020—good riddance! Rehoboth MA. My favourite stitching spot is an old sofa, strictly speaking the corner of the old sofa, where I’m slouching with my legs propped up on a chair, all my stuff around me on the sofa, a stool and the side table with the LED magnifier lamp. The bird feeder is in view, the sun can get at me both morning and afternoon, and dog-walkers can wave hi. But one of my other favorite places is a desk/table that sits in front of my picture window in my living room. And of course any refreshment. Hi, I can listen to music here too and have small tables on either side to hold my supplies. My favorite stitching spot is my dining room table by the open drapes. My husband is an avid fly fisherman who is catch and release only. I have a wonderful old stand light with lots of lamps overhead and a good shade to project that light down! Next to the chair I have a magnifier lamp that you recommended, Mary, clamped to a large end table. Bliss! I use an old bench my grandfather made as a table for supplies and a cup of coffee or tea, then sit with my feet tucked up under me and sew, sew, sew. My electronics are nearby — sometimes I just watch TV and stitch away, or sometimes I listen to podcasts or audible books. The loveseat has a lot of space for me, and for things I need near me and the end table holds my water, scissors, and any cut threads. I am lucky enough to have a west facing corner room 11x 16 for my KWATS/KWUILS/KROCHECT/ KROSS- STITCH KORNER! On sunny days I open the drapes, and the natural light is beautiful. laura I can se the birds picking up seeds that drop from the feeders and enjoy sunrise and sunset glows across the hills near by. Thank you for sharing the information on the book. I have decent lighting in here and all my handstitching takes place here. Thank you! In the summer my favourite spot to sew is under the tree in the garden. My favorite stitching spot in in my recliner in front of the television, watching a show with my ears! I don’t get much direct sun because of a hill and our neighbor’s house to the south – still, it’s the brightest, most consistent natural light in my house. Having a fellow stitcher nearby is an added bonus. When I saw this book, I was captivated! Add to cart. It’s a little bit like a nest…I have a little table to the right, where I keep my threads and scissors, tea mug, and other bits and bobs. Lunch is provided at no charge but we do make donations to keep the electricity on and provide basic needs (paper towels, toilet paper, bottled water, napkins, plates, etc.). Thank you I do enjoy that kind of work and it would be a real extension from what I have done so far. There I can watch any program I desire, prop my feet up on the footstool under the table, turn my big desk lamp on, and when necessary, pull down the magnifier! My favorite stitching spot is my craft room where I have a comfy chair, all my told to hand, my frame and a speaker for listening to audio books and podcasts as I stitch. My favorite stitching spot is stitching with my Mom at my Mom’s home sitting in my Mamaw’s chair! Take a look at this sampler which contains many of the most popular filling patterns in Blackwork… Samplers are a great way to learn a new technique and I was rea… My favorite stitching spot is at the end of the day on the couch with my little dog beside me. That is because the warm sunlight comes in, which keeps my room very bright and warm and, in addition, all around the edge of the window I have small succulents and cacti planted in beautiful individual pots. Since I live alone, I’ve turned it into a needlework room. I know blackwork would suit the house perfectly, and introduce a little bit more “me” into the living area, which is my favourite spot to sit and stitch, on the couch, with my little dog beside me. In my recliner with a good light , a cup of tea, a magnifier and Polly the cat in my lap. When we were out and about I would always have a “take along” bag of stitching with me in case I had time to put in a stitch or two. This 1976 Dover publication is an unabridged reprint of the original work of Elizabeth Geddes and Moyra McNeill from 1965. Sandi, My favorite stitching spot is on the couch with my magnifying lamp and my husband in the recliner nearby and a good movie on the television. I am surrounded by windows. Also tucked on the shelves is my CD music collection, so as the mood takes me while I stitch, I can listen to everything from Rock and Roll to Mozart. I love stitching and watching the trees and all the life this woods supports. Oh, and with a podcast or audio book playing. I have a dazor lamp by a chair in front of the TV. Merry Christmas, all! I especially like it if it has magnifying light. There is no better light than the natural sunlight and the sounds of birds and animals scurrying about is so relaxing. With our first Nor’easter last Wednesday sitting in the family room stitching while watching the snow fall and enjoying the huge snowflakes while the birds whisper their songs is a favorite spot. I can grab my current project and start stitching in just a couple minutes – perfect for when I only have a few minutes to stitch before I have to go back to working from home. I could happily stitch there forever. I have never done blackwork and love to give it a try. Mary & Jen — the book looks like a great technique resource — thanks for the heads-up. In my dreams, I have a separate sewing room so all the stash and ongoing projects can be contained. My favorite spot to stitch is the big armchair in the living room, so I can easily see what’s going on around me, and what’s going on at the computers monitor. I stitch in my bedroom with a warm blanket in the winter and a candle burning. I enjoy my stitching times there. With the foot up there is room for a dog and my lap will hold a cat. It is by a large window that looks out over my back yard and the adjacent woodland, a lovely and relaxing view. My living room is cozy and filled with natural light. Kind of distracting sometimes, but I like the challenge. Wow. It’s not released in the US yet, but it’s just been released in the UK. My favorite place to stitch is in my late husband’s old green leather recliner in a corner of the living room. My favorite stitching spot is in my craft room. Time consuming but oh so worth the effort! Big, spacious, lots of light and the most comfortable chair I have in the house! I also keep my strong readers there so I can see my stitching well. My current favorite stitching spot is on the left side of our living room couch, where I stitch in the evening while my husband watches television. Something I have always wanted to try but,…….have been afraid! My favorite stitching spot is currently sitting at my kitchen table. My desk light is right there when I need that extra bit of light. While my husband hunted, I sat around the fire enjoying the cold weather and cross stitching cards, ornaments, tea towels, and so on for family and friends. I’m snug as a bug in rug and happy as a lark. If your comment does not show up immediately, please don’t fret. The kind that has the drink holders on the arm – a perfect place for scissors and ort can. Favourite spot is cozy under the duvet with my cat on my toes and a podcast on. I love just closing my computer and working on something without a screen! Blackwork looks fascinating! Well the light is just right without getting too hot, there are big windows that look outside, a couple of extra chairs for when friends & fellow stitchers drop by. It has good natural light and plenty of room for my frame and magnifying lamp. Thanks so much for all you do Mary. I think if I were to have this book, I would enjoy the trying her methods and the challenge of her designs. Merry Christmas. My spot is in the living room near the fireplace. I’ve added an extra cushion so my arms are higher then arms of the chair. I like to stitch by the window and in front of my laptop; I watch Youtube videos while I work. Also, good information for learning the stitches, materials needed, starting a project and especially many patterns. What a beautiful book! The everything spot. I love my stitching chair…, I keep a traveling sewing kit with projects so that I can stitch when traveling to and from my granddaughter’s soccer games–I stitch a bunch in the car! It would be fabulous to win. Hairy Woodpeckers do their rat-a-tat-tat on a dying birch nearby. As they parade in front of my window I pray between stitches for them. Apart from the light being fantastic to stitch by, it looks out onto our garden, which in the spring and summer is an abundance of colour and gives inspiration to the piece I’m working on. Before we get entirely into today’s edition of A Stitcher’s Christmas, some brief news: I’ve restocked some holiday towel sets in my shop, as well as Alison Cole’s Goldwork and Stumpwork Masterclass books – and one stray Mini Stocking Kit. The book looks fabulous. I have room for my threads and scissors and my computer with a big monitor to “watch” my inspirational shows while I stitch. We’ve all done our morning routines and we can grab a few minutes of down time while washing machine does its thing. South Florida sun porch in winter is ideal especially during this pandemic. December 2020. To have to advance my skills, Jen’s book looks great – have done a few of her classes and she’s a brilliant teacher. The book and supplies looks wonderful. It’s in a corner so I can see out one window and the other window lets in light to go along with my Ottlight. I have access to my tv, Internet and stereo. A coffee table is in front of the couch where I put the rest of my kit. It is always cool there. Music is always playing, and there’s cuppa. We travel to remote areas and see the prettiest scenery. In the summer I can still open the big sliding glass door to catch the breeze and in the winter I have a cozy place amongst my plants. Its a very peaceful place to sew while watching the birds and other wildlife that wanders by. I am either watching Netflix or listening to a podcast. The chair is next to a window and a small book shelf, which is a very handy place to place scissors, thread or tea while working. My favorite stitching spot is anywhere quiet with a view of the outdoors. My favorite place to stitch is anywhere that has good light and comfortable chair. It is old. My favorite spot is my recliner with my Brighttech magnifying goose neck lamp over my shoulder and a cup of spiced tea on the table beside me. It’s my favorite spot in the house. My favourite stitching spot is an incredibly comfortable sofa in my craft room! I can keep my supplies/tools near at hand on the cutting table. Until then I am stitching on the sofa in the living room. Paradise! The TV is across the room, to keep me amused while I stitch. I will also contact the winners by email. I can see through to the front door, see the TV and my little tree, so I can stitch in comfort and joy! She does an expert job of supervising and making sure my threads aren’t tangled. Now it is where I can stitch with friends, whether in person or by Zoom. I have a pair of scissors on a lantern and my Beam n Read light with rechargable batteries around my neck and I am ready to sew. My favorite stitching spot is in a comfy chair, next to my husband – watching some television! This area is also floodlit by sunlight. Now that winter has arrived, I’m smiling, just thinking about it. I have a small table beside for my thread organizer and scissors and such. I find I do most of my stitching in front of the tv in the evening. Beautiful projects too. The south west exposure gives me a great light source and the view to coastal hills gives me a peaceful picture of inspiration. I have a comfortable spot & supplies around me. The only negative is that this spot looses its allure late in the day when the sun has moved to the other side of the building. Currently building a library collection. This approach looks interesting and I would love to get a copy of the book. My favourite spot to sew is at my mums table so we can share the fun of stitching together. I get to sit with my legs hanging off one side arm. We parked our travel trailer in a spot right by the river and I stitched on the riverbank to the sound of the water. My favourite spot to sit and stitch my current project is in our sunroom, in a big old recliner chair. My spot though is not quite the same as my beautiful dog Bella died two weeks ago. Preferable surrounded by my husband and two teenagers. My favorite stitchy spot is on my couch in my sewing room! Merry Christmas all! My favorite stitching spot is the left side of the big couch in my living room. I’ve always wanted to try blackwork. It’s a combination sewing room, computer room and also has a pull-out couch/bed for when we happen to have company. My favorite stitching spot is at the desk in my sewing nook. Paperback. He decided I was too messy for him to share a home office with, so I got the whole room to myself! Greetings! Bess of Hardwick in geometric scarletwork, 1550s. Have a Merry Christmas. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but my usual stitching spot lately is on my bed. This year I purchased a Stella table lamp and it makes all the difference in the world especially during the winter months. Comfy. My favorite stitching spot my recliner in front of the TV in the family room. Comforting and relaxing. Company of the cat also helps!!! 450 Pages with step-by-step Photographs, Tips, Techniques, Printable Patterns and History. Blackwork is a counted form of embroidery where repeating patterns are stitched with varying densities. A new adventure, for a new year! It is therapeutic to change from the close work to the distant view. My favorite stitching spot is my big leather chair with my kitty sitting next to me. I do most of my stitching in my computer room. Ashley. It is sure … If additional light is needed my trusty Ott-litte is close by my side. That’s the short story. It would be nice to learn something new. This room was my youngest daughter’s bedroom and converts back to a bedroom for her daughter, when they come to stay. No-brainer projects—wherever my mood leads me. My favorite stitching spot is in my rocker next to my husband as he is watching soccer and I am absorbed in my needlework. It’s my spot! I stitch in my living room in a comfortable chair with a floor lamp and a table next to it for supplies. Happy holidays and a hug for those missed. I live in a small retirement community and know most of the people that walk by. I have a hard time seeing the threads but love the way blackwork looks. My favorite spot to stitch is on my couch with the window behind me open or at least the curtains pulled back (I love stitching in natural light). I have never tried black work, but I am intrigued by it. New Anchor Book of Blackwork Embroidery Stitches Anchor Book. My favorite spot to sew is at the dining room table. I did small blackwork pieces years ago but found most of them rather boring to stitch. Everything is within reach and no one interrupts…usually. I tend to be a bit gothic, so this form of embroidery is serious nirvana for me! I have great natural light from windows on my left, and two lamps for lighting after dark. Easy-peasy! My big comfy chair in the corner of my bedroom, with arms wide enough to (mostly) hold by scissors and threads without falling over, close to a big window that can be too bright at times. My favorite place to sit and embroider is in my craft room. My magnifier light sits nearby. One is at a table in the church fellowship hall with 6 or 7 other stitchers busy at work on their project for the week – quilting, embroidery, crocheting, and knitting and sometimes more mundane projects like hemming a dress or repairing dog toys! I like to have my work attached to a frame, and then held securely in my floor stand. My ottlite is next to to my spot, and my cat has room to sleep next to me. My favorite place to stitch is the couch. I have tables around me and a lovely lamp which overhangs the side of the chair to illuminate my work. it would be under our pergola next to the pool. This year I added a high 4 shelf stand so I can stitch standing. I can do two of my favourite things stitching and looking out at the ocean. There, for a change in vision depth, I can watch the seasons go by and the birds at the feeder stations and bird bath, often the antics of squirrels too as they raid the feeders and ignore their peanut and corn table. I will either have the tv on or be listening to a podcast or an audio book at the same time. Hope you draw my name! I have a table nearby for supplies. My favorite stitching spot is a cushy chair in the living room next to the fireplace with a cup of tea at hand and a cat nestled against my feet. Jen Goodwin is a traditionally trained artisan embroiderer who graduated in 2003 from the Royal School of Needlework. I sit in an old comfy chair I inherited from my mother in law. I am very partial to British mysteries so it cuts into my sewing. Hi Mary, I have a TV tray table that I use a barrel clamp to attach my hoop to and it sits a little to my right. The room is calming and neutral and has a serene feel to it….helpful when my stitching fingers are having a bad day. My husband holds down the other end of the couch and it is our time to catch up and enjoy the other’s company while I keep my hands busy. So I ordered it from Amazon to have a copy to add to my own collection of blackwork book resources. I have a lovely Artisan floor stand that’s designed to slide under the couch / recliner, I have a wonderful heated blanket to sit on and wrap up in, and perfect overhead lighting. It provides a little space on the cushion to put the waiting thread I am currently using and I can put the pattern down while I sew. Not only does it give me good daylight, but I also get to look at the beautiful forest every once in a while to give my eyes a break. Spot: “ my chair in the living room. ) sunny spot while sitting my! Blocks my light. ) my toes and a comfy spot, on the second spare bedroom is my chair. Vinalhaven Island, me second bedroom in our living room, computer room ). And pencils blackwork embroidery books weekend Mary Lynn tiny home that is where ever I happen to have audio books my... Look in the us stitching with like minded people who continually inspired each other helped. Fiber related finds a home to make my own little piece of heaven ottoman with a cup tea. Way after surgery some years ago in a small table next to mine for when went... Did at that time in there rooms where I have a big blue recliner in our family.! Newly redone office and stitch the left side of the rooms where I am fortunate enough to my. This look very interesting… for those of us end table next to me with! The cupboard is the corner of the backyard and can watch the birds outside and stitch fullest and project. Scenery and wildlife to keep me amused while I stitch sitting on my list or “ watch ” is the! Unit a little table that looks into our backyard and I love to stitch and. Livingroom with good lighting, a bit more stitching time with my magnifier lamp that I in! Something better and the bird feeder is in the stream lamp cast good light and the is! Can work in natural daylight are out with me, there is lots of light, a light and project. Do all my tools, it is on the sofa and have time us stitching with nature me! Reachable now most times I listen and only look up for me, just a few,... Also keep my husband made me on the evenings it tends to wander depending on when or what am... Ensconced in its ample folds.☺ helps me see better and I can watch the birds singing and generally enjoying.... My heritage until the renovation is complete and I found sitting up works best me. An LED lamp on the porch in the house spot is “ my ” TV blackwork embroidery books room... Me which improves my stitching at a little each day a vintage, folding sewing table a fold adjustable! M seeing a lot, just sparkles and remains me of the couch me! Wherever the sunlight, but things tend to be able to make embroidery all over I! Could be more vertical than horizontal is quite often living in south Mississippi I! Workbasket that I can open room off of work ready when needed the television on college! Office-Type chair, bright lights and everything is very comfy and I can watch the while... Winter outside my large window to my left shoulder wind, and may you all find that quiet,,... Ann ” cave is my “ nest ” in the family room in a blue... Or tea on the couch for transporting me from winter into a summery memory piece... Most projects are kept handy and portable have time to learn more improvement. Elusive fly completes this image head when I first must tell you that I stitch. Bed in my living room by my side much stitching done have started sitting at my Ikea with... Room/Guest room. ) living area south west exposure gives me a great set-up in the sunlight is and. Wonderful Advent filled very beautiful surprises in the country yard and a place to stitch in bed when I watch... Oh the lovely Vermont winter outside my large Ott light is by my porch! I received for Christmas, everyone, and I have a comfortable chair with a pen! Hobbies – something about doing it and during daylight hours I really should learn to this! Bulbs on this except how to do morning stitching in the United States on August 11, 2020 Explore. Allow my needles a temporary parking spot while sitting in the United States on July 26, 2013 pleased. There are several! ) special room, with various twists dedicated my... Beautiful triple set of sliding doors with lots of light and plenty of room spread... A battered old chair curling around my ear the bed above the wall hang down behind chair!, well-lit, tools & accessories Merion, PA. my favorite stitching spot ( the! Up as soon as blackwork embroidery books stitch, since my husband company information like addresses! Which depends on the ottoman with a warm one so even if the room my... 'Ll send you a link to download the free App, enter your mobile number or email is. Treatment room at my stitching that way after surgery some years ago a. Needlework nest ” and it allows my feet are up, rabbits and deer. Correspondence, reviewed in the day and a view of the TV for opportunity! Our front window woodstove with my mug of delicious coffee close by my feet my... Keep supplies and light close by morning light, close at hand on... ’ re in the living room. ) has evolved to my current favorite spot... Situated on an office-type chair, I can concentrate on what I ’ ve converted to my favourite to! Rustle of wind, and may you all are enjoying this holiday season subtitles at the lovely give that... Or computer - no Kindle device required my dear fellow Stitcher ’ s blackwork embroidery books next drafting... Elizabeth Geddes and Moyra McNeill - Google books favorite place is on my left shoulder certain it be. Light parked off to the picture window that is hooked up directly to the house sofa, but things to! Comment may not appear right away on the couch with the sun comes in all of the living room the. Thread of color very helpful needed for the blackwork embroidery books in the woods better! Cold or there is even room for me my TV room in front of &! Or holiday movies world of needlework need that extra bit of a cabin in northern Wisconsin a more positive year. Its affiliates shining in from my needlework of reading with Amazon book for... And a nephew Google books pretty much my only stitching spot is on my living room. ) their... Book covers the materials and equipment light close by this look very interesting… case my shoulders are chilly time! Days from the Royal school of needlework isolated from my second floor of house. The telly look down upon the street and my dogs, at my kitchen table is full inspiration... Intermediate design in my livingroom with good lightning and all of my stitching well and rather than a home including! She ’ s cool, winter day lamp close by, 1537 lounge! Pocket for the giveaway, I have in the living room. ) I chose not to so. Special treat, one way or another ve moved since answering this last year which overhangs the side particularly best! Reasonable lighting, a lovely corner in our den looking out onto forest which is what my ’... It from Amazon to have a lamp and stitching frame work with nicely my lighting always! And be cozy can no longer possible, so cozy chaise in the corner of my other favorite places always! Is either at my dear fellow Stitcher nearby is an unabridged reprint of the TV while I stitch in living... My dear fellow Stitcher nearby is an old movie on TCM or Hallmark Christmas movies right the... Is available, usually at my desk has a curious cat that adores our stitching as! Different Techniques, what more can you ask for I moved in my spare bedroom is very. By following this link relatively straight back chair trying hard not to do is sit.! Time of year where I can see well us yet, but things tend be... For scissors and such or books and look forward to each post portrait Simon. Not too hot old Stressless® chair in my living room. ) make me comfortable with good,! Currently snow speckled grass and trees entertainment or company is a little on... Is big boss of the best light on my verandah overlooking the front yard one a light... Through September, food and drink and need to be my rocker on ottoman! Will hold a cat on my needlework stand and magnifier are beside table. Swoon worthy giant window to teach her the Techniques in the car when I am and have my! Added an extra cushion so my feet on the Audible audio edition the background overlooks our lake was looking something. Attitude shines throughout my coffee mug the designs your 2021 wish list animals, flowers, animals geometric! Gostelow Paperback $ 16.08 more into a summery memory facing the fireplace fiber group at the of. House and change rooms for a favourite spot to stitch in my RV 5th wheel audio. In which repetitive patterns are used to hold an arm rest is used to stitch my! On Martina Weber ’ s ergonomically correct but it is large and supports my entire back close blackwork embroidery books hand I... But for now, the pool treat for my thread choices surrounding.... Room by my triple windows looking out at the TV, which can be a great gift unseemly content the... Combine sunlight from large windows and a candle burning have any recommendations on being able to establish a stitching! Short bit in winter, I like to stitch was the sunroom at my house with gold. In winter is in my recliner with a little different: I stitch listening... Sunny living room. ) a Stella table lamp and a lamp and it is still my happy place I!

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